Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Vision to Reality

Isn't it amazing what a quote can do? Once an inspiring quote is posted in the form of a media website, text or email it can get spread like wildfire. We are inspired and then pass along this inspiration to others. Then two hours later we get right back into our daily grind and forget all about the vision that popped in our head when we were reading it. Most of the time, the ones that really get us are the ones that would require us to step out of our "comfort zones'. It is great to pretend we are actually going to take the steps to reach our "vision" of what we want in our lives but there are only a few of us that actually end up doing this. We want change, we want greater things for our life and our future. Why do we not just do it? Well, because it is easier said, or read, than done. One that was sent to me this morning by an amazing friend (that knows exactly what I needed to hear during this time in my life), is..

"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten."

Wow. That is not comfortable at all. It is too accurate to be comfortable. That is inspiration. We have to be forced out of our comfort zones to fulfill what we want to in this life. That is true in every aspect. This is the time of year where we do our "New Years Resolutions". Where we promise ourselves that this is the year that we will accomplish our goals. One little slip up and we back track all the way to where we started. So many times we barely make any ground at all. I have to remind myself, does it matter if you start in January or is it alright if you try again in April? I think it is. I think instead of resolutions, why don't we call them goals? Why don't we constantly try to fulfill our goals. The only problem is, that we get stuck in what our "normal" is. We have to make sacrifices in order to get there. Sometimes they are minor, like giving up fried food, other times they are heart breaking like realizing you have to walk away from a relationship that is only dragging you down. It is a scary concept, especially if it is something that you really desire for your life.

"If the size of the vision for your life is not intimidating to you, there is a good chance it is insulting to God!" Steve Furtick

Powerful, very powerful. We have to want God's plan for our life, not our own. His plan is intimidating but it is HIS plan. His plan is far greater than anything we could ever imagine for ourselves. The older I get the more I realize, satan works really hard to steer you away from reaching God's goal for your life.  Along the way there are "friends" that will criticize and lack understanding that ultimately YOU will be the one that is able to find peace in your life decisions. Because God's plan is rarely the popular choice. The rewards however, they are popular. Because the reward is living a fulfilled life. The dark days will bring light. At the end of the journey is when you are able to look back and appreciate the dark moments. That is when we will appreciate stepping out on faith and allowing ourselves to be intimidated. That is when we will find the joy in our lives and be able to fully appreciate and recognize it ourselves. Living outside of the comfort zone and constantly living in inspiration is what will get you your goals and allow you to live out the vision God has for your life. That is a an amazing reality to live for.